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Upgrade your device to new heights with our embedded system solutions, where we redefine possibilities by combining cutting-edge innovation with flawless integration. Transcend your product beyond conventional boundaries to becoming more than just devices – Evolve your product to the essence of what technology can achieve. 


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Seek excellence with our Embedded System Design Solutions 

At eSpark, we craft embedded System Solutions that go beyond the ordinary. We offer integrated devices that reach standards of excellence contributing to a symphony of brilliance. We guarantee that your device not only meets exceptional functionality but also thrives in the developing digital world. Advance your technology with us, where innovation converges with expertise for unparalleled embedded system solutions. 

Build Simple & Complex Products from Concept to Completion

360o Embedded Development Services

Circuit & PCB Design

Smartly plan the schematics design, PCB layout, creation, and assembly of your hardware or device with our embedded hardware engineers. Each embedded engineer uses CAD software like Altium Designer, Cadence Allegro, Eagle Cad, OrCad, DipTrace, and KiCad to meet global quality standards.

FPGA Design

Leverage the rapid prototyping and adaptability feature of FPGAs with our embedded hardware engineers. They can help you create efficient systems using FPGAs for high-gate-count designs and CPLDs for simple logic applications while streamlining concept and hardware design testing.

Hardware Product Design

Evaluate your product’s feasibility and avoid surplus costs with VE’s embedded developers. Our expert team will help you design and program the crucial operating functions of microprocessors and chips to build the hardware system required for embedded firmware system execution.

Embedded Architect

Meet both business and technical objectives of embedded system development. Our embedded architects help you design the system architecture, choose cost-effective and small-sized components, optimize performance, and streamline integration for apt implementation and testing.

Prototype Assembly

Get proficiently built prototypes for seamless testing and validation. Our embedded developers are adept at PCBA and have the required equipment to solder or assemble electronic components to your PCB. If a prototype is flawed, our embedded engineers rework it to resolve the errors.

Testing & Validation

Analyze the safety, reliability, and quality of your embedded system before deployment with environmental testing and functional verification of the prototype. Upon validation, our embedded engineers ensure compliance with RoHS regulations and certification of country-specific devices.

Embedded Software

Make your embedded system perform single-purpose high-level operations like system interactions and data processing with top-notch software. Our embedded engineer can build, maintain, and integrate your devices into IoT systems using microcontrollers like XMOS, PIC, AVR, ARM, ST, Nordic Semiconductors, NXP, etc.

IoT Products

Bridge the gap between hardware devices and digital realms with market-ready IoT products. VE’s embedded engineers are well-versed in EV, industrial IoT, and healthcare domains, which enables them to build robust products in embedded systems, hardware engineering, and cloud solutions.

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Why Trust eSpark’s Embedded System Design Services? 

At eSpark, we honor ourselves on our strategic approach, that promises precision, innovation, and optimal performance. We explore the framework that drives our clients towards success in the dynamic world of embedded designs.  

Inception and Requirements Definition

Extensive collaboration with clients to ensure success of embedded design is achieved. Through detailed requirements definition, we identify key performance indicators, constraints, and potential challenges, laying the groundwork for a design strategy that aligns smoothly with the client's objectives.

Design and Development Excellence

Leveraging top-notch technologies and industry best practices to craft innovative solutions. We provide customized embedded systems that emerge, addressing specific challenges while incorporating scalability, modularity, and adaptability.

Validation, Testing, and Optimization

Implementing continuous optimization, utilizing feedback and data insights to refine and enhance the system's capabilities. Promising reliability and performance of our embedded systems through our rigorous validation and testing to flawlessly operate in real-world scenarios.

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