Nuzhat Electron- CFO

My name is Nuzhat Electron and I’m the Chief Financial Officer here at eSpark consulting Group. When I was told, words could not express how excited I was to capitalize this opportunity. Though, since inception, I was privileged to be the business women and now holds hands on experience to deal with business matters.
In hindsight, a constant theme I have about business:
  A dynamic market opportunity
  Emerging technologies 
  A competitive team driven to execute
In terms of my personal beliefs:
I believe having a passion for something is a key attribute to being successful at anything.  For me, I really found a passion in learning about business and being part of a team.  I believe a successful CFO is looked upon as a business partner across the entire organization and someone who has strong relationships that can help lead a team through various stages of growth and change.
I am the product of some great mentors and managers who invested a lot of their time and energy in me, and I believe that everyone should try to be humble enough to keep their learning curve steep, be open-minded and try to learn from everyone around them.

“I strongly believe that “actions speak much louder than words”.  Whether you’re managing a business or leading a team, people pay much more attention to what you do and how hard you work vs what you say or how you say it.
I’m proud to be part of this team and can’t wait to see flourish and grow.

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