PCB Manufacturing / Mass Production

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The manufacture of the PCBs is normally achieved using a chemical etching process.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabrication is the assembly method for circuit boards used in electronic and computer devices. The layers of the board are put together along with the specific surface pattern so it can be used in electronics manufacturing.
PCB design process
  • COMPONENT PLACEMENT. The PCB design process begins by converting a schematic diagram into a physical circuit board layout. …
  • PCB ROUTING. The PCB routing process is both an art and a science. …
  • ECAD-MCAD INTEGRATION. Nearly every electronics design exists within a mechanical product.

1) We can guarantee the same PCB material, relative to your first time ordering,
2) Full automated manufacturing process can grasp the quality of each piece PCB board,
3) High efficiency of time control and reasonable price advantage.


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