PCB Layout and Designing

Design is a formal response to a strategic question

The PCB layout and design is a specialist skill requiring knowledge of not only of the PCB design software and PCB CAD system, but also a variety of standards and techniques used to ensure that the basic circuit design is successfully transferred to an overall printed circuit board that can be manufactured in an electronics circuit manufacturing environment.

We are one of those specialist that will satisfy you with our designs.

There are many ideas and guidelines that can be drawn up for the design and layout of a PCB. The list below covers a number of them. Obviously there are more, and the PCB design guidelines list below should not be thought of as a complete list.

In order that the PCB design guidelines can be followed more easily, the guidelines are split into sections :

  • Board constraint design guidelines – those covering the initial constraints on the board
  • Overall layout design guidelines
  • Guidelines associated with the planes or layers
  • Track design guidelines
  • Thermal issues
  • Signal integrity and RF considerations

These PCB design guidelines should be addressed before the main design of the circuit starts. They should effectively be some of the first elements of the component placement and that our moto.

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