Components Library Design

Design is intelligence made visible

 A collection of components, organised in a meaningful manner, and often (but not necessarily) providing some way to browse and preview those components and their associated assets.”

The appropriate format and structure for your component library is very much tied into two key things:

  1. Who you are.
  2. The end goal of the component library.

Who you are

  • An agency building component libraries for clients
  • An in-house development team
  • A freelancer working in one or both of those environments.

We are simply here to provide our clients with all the knowledge we have. We are available to work anytime.

we are an agency that delivers front-end code (amongst many other things) to clients. We usually hand over the code we write to either the client’s in-house developers or a third-party back-end development agency for implementation into whatever application or CMS is being built. The libraries we hand over actually rarely live on in the format that we deliver them – instead they are often serve as more of a kind of ‘implementation documentation’ for other developers. We always encourage our clients to use what we deliver as a starting point for a more integrated, ‘living’ component system, but integration is hard and how to persist the work we deliver is a per-project consideration, and often largely determined by the depth of the client’s commitment to deeply integrating a modularised, component-based design and development mindset into their everyday workflow.



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